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Don’t Let Pain Take Over, Start Ayurvedic Renal Stone Pain Treatment In Time

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Don’t Let Pain Take Over, Start Ayurvedic Renal Stone Pain Treatment In Time

Ayurvedic Treatment For Renal Stone

Severe pain in the lower abdomen and acute discomfort while urinating? You may be suffering from kidney stones. Get yourself checked by a specialist right away so that corrective action can be taken. Renal stones, if moving from one part of the excretory system to the other, are one of the most painful situations a human body can face, so beware and take the necessary precautions if you have been diagnosed with one!

When the urine in the bladder contains uric acid, calcium, oxalate or other crystal-forming substances in more than permitted quantities it can form into kidney stones or renal calculi. Urine normally has substances that do not allow the crystals or solid masses to stick to each other and accumulate to form hard objects. These crystals are normally diluted by the urine but when urine quantity is limited these hard masses clump together and make rigid rough stony deposits in kidneys. Kidney stones can be formed if the urine is insufficient and becomes concentrated. These stones are basically solid accumulation of salts and minerals.

Kidney stones can be extremely agonising and may be found all along the urinary tract. They may be lying in:

  • Kidneys
  • Bladder
  • Ureters
  • Urethra

If the stones are diagnosed on time they may exit the body and slip by harmlessly. You need to increase the water intake dramatically and take a pain killer to reduce the pain symptoms if they arise. Even better you can try out the Renal stone pain treatment in ayurveda. This contains herbal remedies that work naturally on the kidney stones and is especially helpful for the stones which are fixed in the urinary tract.

What Are The Symptoms of Renal Stones?

Whenever the stone passes into ureter from kidney it can lead to:

  • Acute pain below ribs that increases and decreases and then slowly increases in intensity. The pain starts from the sides of the body and travels towards the back.
  • The pain because of the renal stones may radiate from the lower abdomen towards the groin area.
  • Painful urination
  • Brownish, or pinkish red urine which is foul smelling
  • Urge to urinate frequency
  • Vomiting
  • Nausea
  • Fever with chills in case a urinary infection develops
  • The bladder is not emptied completed
  • As the stone moves downwards the pain area keeps changing according to stone location.
  • Normally there is no pain but if the stone moves down the ureters it leads to severe abdominal, groin, side and back pain.

You don’t have to head for the surgical scissors right away, try out the renal stone package from www.shuddhi.com. You need to take corrective action before the stone enters and snugly fits into the urinary canal because this can lead to severe urinary tract infections and other kidney related complications. These renal stones have a tendency to develop again and they need to be kept at bay always so taking a natural treatment is a great option.

When To Seek Instant Help?

  1. Pain with vomits
  2. Unable to sit comfortably
  3. High fever with chills
  4. Bloody urination
  5. Difficulty while passing urine

What are the causes of renal stones? What are different types of stones found in the renal region?

If you get the stone to the doctor for analysis it becomes easier to find out what it is made of. There is no specific reason for renal stones but there are definitely some reasons that increase the risk:

  1. There is no doubt that many renal stones are composed of calcium but besides this having sufficient calcium supplements in diet will help prevent stone formation. Many kidney stones are made of calcium oxalate and may also be a result of high Vitamin D levels. Our liver also manufactures calcium and we also collect this through foods, such as nuts, chocolates, vegetables and fruits. It’s better to avoid fast foods like potato chips, chocolate, beets, peanuts and spinach but natural calcium containing foods help combat kidney stone formation.
  2. Sometimes rare stones like cystine stones which are formed by an acid that is a natural constituent in the body, travels from the kidney to the urine. These stones are a result of cystinuria, a genetic disorder that affects men and women. When amino acids are secreted in excess amounts it can lead to cystine stones.
  3. Struvite are large stones that are typically found in females who suffer from UTI’s or urinary tract infections. They often spring up and take a person unawares by blocking the passage of urine. These big ones are a result of kidney infection so it is important to treat the infection permanently so that the stones do not recur.
  4. Kidney stones are mostly found in people who are in the age group of 20-50 years. The body needs to produce more than about 1 litre of urine every day to avoid kidney stone formation. You also need to avoid some stone forming foods such as:
  5. Nuts which are rich in oxalate
  6. Spinach
  7. Beetroot
  8. Tea
  9. Chocolate
  10. Rhubarb
  11. Colas because they contain high phosphate content.
  12. Uric acid stones are normal in people who do not drink sufficient water or who sweat too much and remain starved for fluids. Make sure that you drink lots of water if you live in an area where temperatures soar high. Also people who are undergoing chemotherapy or suffering from gout and consuming a high protein diet fall in the high-risk category.

Uric acid stones also develop in people who consume animal proteins such as fish, meat and shell fishes. This type of purine-rich diet leads to acidic urine that causes these stones to develop.

Data shows that males develop more renal stones than women. A person, who has a family history where someone in the close family has developed kidney stones, has a tendency of developing one.

Other risk factors include:

  • Person with hyperparathyroidism can develop renal stones
  • Inflammatory bowel syndrome because in this case calcium absorption is on the high
  • Gastric or intestinal bypass surgery and certain metabolic disorders.
  • Certain medications that contain calcium, anti-seizure meds, diuretics, etc.
  • Diet rich in salt, glucose or protein. A sodium or sugar rich diet means that the calcium increases in the kidneys and these have to be filtered out. The risk of kidney stones increases in this case.
  • Obesity: Having a large waist and a high BMI can be one of the causes of kidney stones. You need to keep your weight down or else you may come in the high risk category.
  • Dehydration
  • Chronic diarrhea can affect absorption of water and calcium and after a while urine may show accumulation of stone forming substances.

There are some essential habits that need to be inculcated as a preventive measure. The water intake needs to be increased so that there is sufficient urine excretion every day. This will help in proper flushing of the kidneys. If you are not extremely fond of drinking water you can drink lemon juice, gingerale, fruit juice, lime soda etc. The basic purpose is to increase the fluid intake. You can also deal effectively with this condition with Ayurvedic treatment for renal stone by Shuddhi.com. The renal stone kit contains:

  1. Stoni capsules: These capsules can help in prevention and removal of kidney stones. The remedy also works effectively in controlling blood sugar and cholesterol levels in the blood.
  2. UTI drops: Urinary tract diseases can cause a lot of discomfort and need to be treated on time. The UTI drops can be very helpful in keeping inflammation down and dealing with UTI’s.
  3. Renal stone removing powder helps in removal of kidney stones.
  4. Maha Amritam churan: Helps deal with digestion, acidity, constipation, cold, burning sensation, indigestion, cough, skin problem etc.
  5. Sanjeevani Ark: Helps fight chest congestion and other infections.
  6. Amrit Ras is a herbal concoction that works for the whole body aiding in metabolic functioning and building up of anti-oxidants. Improve the immunity and stay healthy with these ayurveidc medications.

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