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Is There Any Ayurvedic Remedy For Fatty Liver?

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A Healthy liver will have no fatty deposits, but what happens if the liver swells up? Is there any Ayurvedic remedy for fatty liver? Sometimes, unknown to a person, fat molecules start collecting in the liver cells. A few of these fat-laden cells or triglycerides can be ignored. But, what happens if the build-up is not nominal and becomes excessive? The liver gets inflamed because these fats get stored in the liver.

Normally, the liver keeps about 5% of fats for metabolic activities, energy production, and glycogen breakdown. The liver also filters toxins and wastes. There are many more functions of the liver, and for this, the organ needs to be healthy. You need to nurture and protect it. But unfortunately, many people across the globe are being diagnosed with excessive fat deposits in the liver.

The liver with an extra quantity of fat is commonly found in overweight people and those more than 30 years of age. The fatty deposits indicate that unhealthy tissues have replaced a part of the healthy liver tissues.

Liver Conditions or Fatty Liver may be indicated by:

1) Overindulgence of alcohol

2) Other underlying health conditions.

3) Drug overdose

4) Obesity /overweight or Fatty deposits around the abdomen. Many people also try their level best to lose weight, but all their efforts are in vain. The fat stays. This indicates a fatty liver.

5) Rapid loss of weight

6) High cholesterol

7) Type 2 diabetes

8) Exhaustion and fatigue

9) Increased triglyceride levels

10) Lack of immunity and susceptibility to catching infections

Is Fatty Liver a Severe Medical Condition?

Typically fatty liver can be treated by lifestyle alterations and dietary changes. But in severe cases, the inflammation and liver cell damage can be concerning. It may cause liver scarring or fibrosis. The liver is an irreplaceable organ in the body. Miraculously the liver is also capable of regeneration. Timely intervention and treatments can help heal the body on a cellular level.

What are the Symptoms of a Fatty Liver?

You can avoid many serious health complications in the body if you are vigilant and careful. No one understands our body better than us, so prevention is always better than cure. Take over before a disease becomes severe. Keep your eyes open for symptoms such as:

  • Pain on the right side of the abdomen just below the rib cage.
  • Loss of appetite
  • Extreme prolonged exhaustion
  • Inflammation or scarring of the liver. The fatty deposits make the liver expand and increase in size.
  • When the fats increase in the abdominal region, the tummy becomes swollen or big. We also term this condition as “beer belly”. The fat accumulates in the liver and makes it swell up. Act in time before the liver develops scarring and inflammation.
  • Many times the skin becomes excessively dry and itchy.
  • The stool color becomes dark, and the skin and eyes develop a yellowish sheen.
  • Concentration and memory also start failing.

An Ayurvedic practitioner can quickly diagnose your condition. He can suggest proper therapy to keep the liver fit and in proper working condition.

Can you Cure Fatty Liver?

Fatty liver can be a cause of many health issues, but the best thing is it can be reversed. Patients can take over and begin just by making some extra effort at losing weight. Many people ask, “Is there an Ayurvedic remedy for the fatty liver”? Yes, there is! You can try out the liver care package offered by www.shuddhi.com. This contains herbal remedies that treat liver-related and many other bodily conditions. The inflammation and pain in the liver can be reduced dramatically with the help of certain medicinal herbs. These also act on the digestive tract and help improve digestion, metabolic functioning, and skin issues. Let us list a few of them:

1) Punarnava, Bhoomi Amla, Harar, and Kutki help keep the liver healthy. The infections can be kept at bay with nurturing herbal extracts. They help boost immunity and also detoxify the body.

2) Ashwagandha helps keep the body energetic, free from illnesses, and inflammation.

3) Trikatu, long pepper, and ginger assist in digestion and improve metabolic activities.

You can take these natural remedies after a consultation session with the Ayurvedic professional. Don’t you want the fatty liver condition reversed? This is probably one of the safest and side effects of controlling fat deposits in the liver. This will also assist a person in shaping up and naturally reduce weight. All you have to do is introduce some exciting and energetic ways to exercise so that your immunity remains boosted.

What should you do to keep the liver healthy?
  1. It’s the sugar, fats, and cholesterol that can make the body go haywire. Fatty and sugary food products need to be avoided at all costs. Your liver needs protection.
  2. Fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts, and whole grains help the body stay free from toxins. Taking these and exercising regularly will heal the body from deep within on a cellular level. Fiber and antioxidant-rich food are beneficial for the liver, so take them!
  3. A sedentary way of living can cause many health issues. You need to stay active and have a healthy lifestyle so that there are no fat deposits on the body. You don’t have to rush to the gym to work out. A prolonged fast stroll in the park will help you stay fit and provide a brush with nature. If you don’t feel like it, just a fast jog or biking can also do the needful.
  4. Meditation and yoga can balance the body and rejuvenate you.

Ayurvedic remedy for fatty liver contains healing herbs that can help nurture the liver back into action. The inflammation reduces, and the liver cells heal. Before liver cirrhosis settles in or fibrosis develops in the body, take action.

Easiest ways to keep the liver flushed and detoxified:

Walk into the kitchen and grab the garlic and consume it to detoxify your liver. The liver enzymes get activated by this and help the body throw out all the wastes and toxins not needed.

Citrus fruits are excellent cleansers for the liver. Pop in those oranges, grapefruits, and sip that yummy lime juice regularly to detox and cleanse the liver. There are some other ways also to keep the liver fat under control:

Stay slim and shaped up. You need to shed off those extra calories and control that urge to hog. Keep an eye on foods that you eat. After all, it is imperative to nourish your body with essential vitamins and minerals. While you are at it, make sure you exercise regularly to stay fit and keep the sugar intake minimum.


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