Ayurvedic Massage Therapy: Abhyanga - Shuddhi

Ayurvedic Massage Therapy: Abhyanga

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Ayurvedic Massage Therapy: Abhyanga

Ayurvedic Massage Therapy

What is Abhyanga?

This is an ayurvedic procedure of massaging the whole body of an individual using warm oil. It is a procedure which is normally practiced by an individual in order to gain optimal health of the physical being and have even a calmed body and soul. This is having a long list of benefits in the body some of which are discussed.

  • Reduced Ageing

There is the benefit of reducing the ageing of an individual. Sometimes, the body may be looking old because of deficiency of some beneficial nutrients in the body. This is implying that when such are administered into the body via massaging with oil then the body gains the benefits and evades ageing which would otherwise torment the mind. The muscles of the body also get well realigned. One thus develops lean muscles of relevance to enhanced strength and activity of the whole body.

  • Firmness of Limbs

When the body especially the limbs are massaged with oil, the body attains better firmness. This is ayurvedic manner of eliminating ageing effects from the body and rejuvenates the overall health for one to stay young. The limbs are also having better ability to support the body and engage in activities such as locomotion of the whole body.

  • Lubrication of The Joints

With the optimal massaging of the whole body, the joints attain improved health and lubrication is enhanced. This is making it possible for an old person to have ability to move around and actively participate in daily chores like a youth.  The result is a health equivalent to that of a youth. Moreover, there is better circulation of blood in the body with optimal daily massage with warm oil.

  • Internal Organs Stimulation

The massaging of the external body parts like neck, limbs, chest and head areas allows the internal organs also to have their stimulation boosted. The improved circulation in the blood in the body is also handy in enhancing the health of the body in general since there is adequate blood supply.

  • Deeper Sleep

Upon massaging of the whole body with warm oil, the ayurveda has it that there will be better sleep since the body is well aligned and no pains in the joints. Nerves of the body get well calmed and stamina improved following the enhanced joint health.

  • Optimal Hair Growth

Since there is the application of natural oil on the skin, the hair follicle get nourished adequately and their rejuvenation and growth is thus enhanced. The end result is a well developed glossy hair on the skin which is also well supple in nature. The overall look is therefore of a youth with vigor and stamina. There is also pacification of vata as well as pitta thus improved well-being in the body.

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