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Stay Free From Infectious Attacks With Rejuvenating Ayurvedic Immune Booster

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Stay Free From Infectious Attacks With Rejuvenating Ayurvedic Immune Booster

Ayurvedic Immunity Booster Herbs

Children have a tendency to fall sick often. You may have noticed a common pattern of fever, cold and cough every change of season. We often end up blaming the weather conditions and complain about the lack of vitamins and nutrients in their diet. A fondness for junk food and a poor dietary pattern are the contributory factors to sickness and disease. Can you prevent falling sick or do you have to keep suffering and become a prey to illness and disease?

It may be extremely cold or the weather may be changing but there are many children who brave the weather storms and tiring situations with a smile and no illness, this is because they have strong immunity.

The immune system weakens if the human body develops auto immune conditions and the person starts developing infections and diseases such as fever, colds, and flu. It may take longer to get better and recover from diseases because people fall sick much more frequently if they have chronic immune system weaknesses.

Colds are normally not a result of lack of vitamins or a poor diet but are a result of an attack by pathogens. All we need to do is build up the immunity so that we can ward off the attack of these pathogens. You can definitely boost the immunity with help of certain food stuffs and immunity booster Ayurvedic herbs.

Build up the immune system with a good diet and medicinal Ayurvedic herbs. With age, the defence system of our body or our immunity weakens. Remember the quick fast sprints that you could manage to make when you were in your teenage? Doesn’t the speed of running reduce as you grow older? Our immune system is very similar and chronic medical conditions like sugar disorders or bad lifestyle habits lead to a weak immune system.

Symptoms of Weak Immunity

  1. Digestive issues
  2. Inflammation of the organ systems
  3. Anemia, blood abnormalities or blood disorders
  4. Auto immune conditions
  5. Loss of appetite, abdominal cramps, frequent diarrhea
  6. Frequent fever, weakness, cold, cough, flu
  7. Growth and developmental issues in little children

Many times, cells, tissues, organs that have set patterns of working, go against the body rules and start acting their own way. The immune system that is basically a lifesaver for the people stops working perfectly and this shows up in the form of allergies, rashes, asthma, eczema, or chronic pain. The immune system basically ends up as the body’s adversary and falls a prey to illness.

The body goes under attack and medical disorders start developing. The infection fighting white blood cells get destroyed because of the virus attacks and the body feels weak and is unable to fight against infections. The conditions are worsened when a person abuses certain substances and develops bad habits such as smoking and drinking alcohol. There are some obvious indications that talk about low immunity in a person:

  1. Cold hands are an indication that the body’s network of blood vessels may be swollen and the toes, hands, ears, nose, feet are not able to stay warm.
  2. Many people develop diarrhoea when the lining of their GI tract is agitated. Their immune system weakens and they are either unable to defecate properly or they might have frequent stools. This shows that the digestive system or the small intestine lining has been affected.
  3. Rash: Our skin protects against the onslaught of germs but if the skin starts inflaming, turning red and scratchy it means that it may be because of an allergic reaction to some stimuli. You need to boost the immune system to get rid of this “not-clearing” rash.
  4. Exhaustion: Many people complain of acute fatigue all the time. The defence system of the body seems to be giving up and even after hours of sleep the body aches and pains.
  5. Headaches: Excessive headaches may be because of blood vessel inflammation or vasculitis that is a result of an autoimmune problem or infection.
  6. Dry eyes are a result of a weak immune system. The eyes feel dry and gritty and even in a highly emotional state the person cannot shed tears. The eyes may seem blurry, red or pained. Lupus and rheumatoid arthritis often lead to this condition.
  7. Patchy hair: Immune system can also wage an attack on the hair follicles and force them to die and fall off. Sometimes a person with poor immunity may notice excessive hair fall.
  8. Mild fever: A temperature that is slightly more than normal is often a result of an overworked immune system. This may be the indicator of an autoimmune condition or a potential infection.
  9. Repeated infections or illnesses: Are you falling sick more than two or three times a year? Do you have to take antibiotics each time to get rid of the fever and cold symptoms? This indicates that the body is not able to combat the attack of germs and is showing symptoms of repeated infections.
  10. Joint pain: When the joint lining develops swelling and becomes extremely tender and painful. This stiffness is very acute in the morning and there is no specific diagnosis for the condition.
  11. Photosensitivity: Many people develop an ultrasensitive reaction to ultraviolet rays and the skin breaks out into rashes, blisters or scaly patches. Others may get a severe headache, nausea or chills after spending sometime in the sun.
  12. Numbness or tingling sensation in extremities: The body may attack nerves responsible for sending signals to the muscular system. With any kind of organ malfunctioning, pain tingling and numbness in the hands and feet can start which can spread to other parts of the body.
  13. Difficulty in keeping food inside is common in some cases. Stomach may feel tender and swollen to touch and swallowing may seem tough.
  14. Weight gain or weight loss without any particular reason
  15. Yellow colour of eyes or skin
  16. White patches on skin

There are a few ways to boost the immune system, all you have to do is improve your eating habits, take proper nutrition, rest on time and take medicinal herbs. Fight off the flu with a well balanced diet and some Immunity booster Ayurvedic herbs– this is the best way. At least start off building your sluggish immunity by eating properly. You can combat flu, cough, cold and other medical complications by taking the Dr shuddhi package by Flu-proof your body, make use of helpful Ayurvedic herbal remedies.

There are a few precautions that can help you stay healthy with a strong immune system:

  • Include lots of vegetables and fruits in your daily diet
  • Follow a proper discipline exercise schedule
  • Give up the habit of smoking
  • Try to keep a healthy weight
  • Snatch those precious hours of sleep. Make sure you sleep and de-stress well
  • Drink alcohol only if necessary and that too in moderation
  • Wash hands regularly to keep away infections
  • Eat well cooked foods

There are some immune boosters that exist in nature and they are like:

  • Citrus foods
  • Broccoli
  • Garlic
  • Turmeric
  • Red bell peppers
  • Ginger
  • Yogurt
  • Spinach
  • Almonds
  • Green tea or herbal teas such as Amrit Ras
  • Papaya
  • Kiwi
  • Sunflower seeds

You can also avail the Dr. Shuddhi package, which can help increase your immunity and Detox your body effectively. The major reasons for illnesses and diseases are imbalance of hormones, high toxin levels in the body, pathogen attacks and a poor immune system. You need to keep the organs cleansed at all times; this is the only way they can function properly.

Medicines such as Shatayu Urja Tablet, Divya Amrit Ras and Shatayu Detox powder are a part of the Dr. Shuddhi package help in cleansing of the glands, organs and each cell in the body. Get ready to throw out the harmful toxic wastes from the body and control the influx of harmful parasites in the body. This package has multiple benefits:

  1. Improves digestion and boosts the performance of the digestive system
  2. Helps body nutrition
  3. Cleanses body from within
  4. Improve immunity
  5. Improve blood circulation and purifies blood
  6. Balance hormones
  7. Nourish organs tissues
  8. Nourishes nervous system
  9. Maintains chakras and auras of body
  10. Rejuvenates body organs
  11. Even helps in get rid of excessive weight
  12. Improves metabolism
  13. Look younger and feel energetic
  14. Good for overall health of muscles, teeth, bones and skin

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