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Ayurvedic Green Tea

Our lives are like an automaton and we barely snatch a few moments of peace and quiet from this acutely stressful corporate and personal environment we exist in day and night. The heightened nervous tension, constant pressure, anxiety situations, excessive faulty food and erratic rest patterns that are a part of our lifestyle, soon start to take a toll on the body in the long run. We need to get back our lost power in a natural way so that our body stays detoxed and nurtured.

We are surrounded by unhealthy foods and drinks that negatively affect our body so sipping on a hot herbal beverage enriched with the goodness of nature can be extremely beneficial and healthy. Besides this, is the cold weather chilling you to the bones? Do you want to warm up? Just grab a cup of delicious aromatic caffeine- free tea and stay healthy and detoxed.

Ayurvedic green tea is a delicious beverage that tastes fantastic when taken hot. A variety of spices, dried flowers, fruit extracts and herbs are used to prepare this flavorful tea that has an amazing number of health benefits. Healthy eating means consuming fruits, vegetables, fibers, fats, proteins and whole grains. Along with this researchers insist that instead of consuming sugary beverages it is ideal to take caffeine-free tea that has amazing properties of throwing toxins out of body.

A healthy lifestyle includes balanced physical activity, healthy diet and healthy weight. You can try out Amrit Ras by Shuddhi.com to stay in shape and to stay healthy. It has herbal extracts that help reduce risk of diseases because it builds up the sagging immunity of the body. The effect of this tea is seen in the long run by providing protection from illnesses, other health benefits and a younger look.

Ayurvedic herbal tea is a very rejuvenating and enriching beverage that you can consume for maintaining a state of well-being always. The herbs used in the preparation of this tea contain minerals, antioxidants in plenty, and vitamins that are essential for the comfort and welfare of the body. One of the healthiest drinks, the herbal tea, has long term and short term health benefits because it helps get rid of free radicals in body and is enriched in vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients. Why do you want to consume those sugar laden drinks that are harmful for the human body? Why not savour the herbal tea treat regularly and feel happy and invigorated?

The body feels an energetic boost because of this tasty and aromatic herbal concoction. Is there any better way to feel re-energized and refreshed without depending on a caffeinated drink? Herbal Tea is the natural option for health conscious people. They want to feel nurtured and recharged with a concoction that is great for the body because it helps the body stay nurtured from within.

If you want to improve physically and mentally, then give up the standard teas and coffee and choose the nutrient-rich and caffeine-free teas. The content of antioxidants vary from one type of herbal brew to the other but the fact remains that this potion contains antioxidants, nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

The herbal blend relaxes the person and improves the working of the body systems and slowly starts to reduce any kind of pain and suffering that the body experiences. The immune system and the digestive system in the body need to work smoothly to keep the person active, energetic and contented. There are some research studies which indicate that these teas may have anti cancer effects and treat type II diabetes as well, so why not try them out these beneficial mixtures that can be extremely beneficial for vigour and strength?

Herbal teas like the Amrit Ras by Shuddhi that are prepared out of medicinal leaves, roots, stems, flowers which are seeped to bring out the taste and medicinal qualities are available easily. There are many herbal teas available in markets and they have different tastes but they all are targeted towards helping the body stay in a state of well-being. The tea concoctions are all focussed in helping body combat:

  1. We have an extremely busy lifestyle and face acutely stressful situations in our daily routine. We struggle to keep going in a world that is encroached by toxins. All our efforts are directed towards co-existing in this world with the toxins. Each moment of our day and night is to strive to stay detoxed and healthy. There is no better way than to regularly consume herbal tea to detox our bodies. Medicines and chemicals that we consume contain some toxic substances that are not good for a person in the long run. Detox your body with the enriched herbal teas and stay stress and anxiety free.
  2. Herbal extracts that have detoxifying properties and which can help the body stay free from diseases is definitely a great option in this world of chemicals and pathogens. It’s time to boost your sluggish immune system with a few drops of this rejuvenating tea blend.
  3. Cough and cold: These teas contain herbs with anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties that help clear the nasal blockages and bring relief from cold and cough symptoms. Heavy coughing can be controlled by this warm seeped brew and the person can get rid of the flu soon. The production of white blood cells is increased to right the virulent cold cough. Soon the flu is restricted because there is no more replication of the virus in the body.
  4. These teas help calm a person and keep stress away. These are a “non-caffeinated” way of socialising and unwinding with friends and family. The teas help reduce the levels of cortisol in the blood, thus help keeping the stress levels down.
  5. These teas are said to be especially beneficial in dealing with restless sleep. The herbs in it induce a state of peace and balance the mind, body and soul. The natural calming and sedating ingredients in the tea can help a person rest better because it helps relax and soothes the muscles.
  6. People fall sick and this becomes a frequent story if the immune system is not functioning properly. Boost the sluggish immunity with herbal teas.
  7. The fats in our foods have to be broken down and the partially digested food has to be taken to the intestines for further assimilation. Herbal teas help in the process of fat breakdown. In the bargain the acidity levels in the stomach are reduced and the feeling of bloating, indigestion, heart burn etc are controlled. Stomach discomfort is greatly tapered and the digestive system gets better blood flow. The free radicals in the body are taken care of and the person stays healthy. Stomach muscles can become weak and depleted because of faulty eating habits and poor digestion so its time to soak on the high nutrient content of these natural teas.
  8. The herbal teas are a rich source of anti-oxidants and vitamins and this is superb for the immune system of the body. Lower the oxidative stress and keep diseases at bay.
  9. The tea helps improve brain function by providing extra oxygen and nutrients. It also reduces inflammation in the body. So it’s essential to regularly sip on these herbal concoctions so that painful auto immune conditions like the painful arthritis can feel relief. Tenderness, swelling and pain in the body reduce with brewed herbal blends such as Divya Amrit Ras by www.shuddhi.com. There are nearly 32 herbs that are used to prepare this herbal mixture and not only does it provide a protective shield against some diseases it also increases the energy levels and metabolic activities of the body.
  10. Besides the above listed properties, the tea also helps keep a person younger looking and the heart healthy by keeping blood pressure tapered. All you have to do is add a pinch of this powder to boiling water and let it brew for a while before consuming it. Take a few sips of this goodness early morning before eating anything and at night time before you hit the bed!


  1. Rambabu says:

    Sir i was suffering from urinary tract infection, chronic constipation with the long time bacterial infection i got revesive arthritis. It is an autoimmune disease. If i drink the herbal tea i will get immunity and it will also treated as autoimmune effect to other part. Is it safe to drink who is suffering autoimmune disease

  2. shuddhi says:

    Hello Rambabu,

    Yes, you can take the herbal tea for your disease but I will suggest you to contact our doctors first, they will guide you for this disease, as in my opinion we have particular medicines for this disease that will help you to cure arthritis as well as enhance your immune system and work on your metabolism to cure your UTI and chronic constipation.

    You can start curing your disease with our Dr. Shuddhi package that will help you to purification and detoxification of your complete body and as well as enhance your immune system. You can buy this package from the below given link Or you can call in our organization on this number 77839 77839.


    Shuddhi Team.

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