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The newly discovered infectious corona virus or Covid-19 is one of the most dreaded diseases in today’s time that has left the whole world trembling in fright. Respiratory infections like a common cold can lead to acute respiratory distress and death in some unfortunate cases was a fact that was highlighted to all of us. We are gripped hard in the throes of a global pandemic that has no treatment.

This shocking news has made the whole world wake up, and join hands to beat COVID-19, caused by the deadly corona virus. The fact remains that it is only the immune system that can protect us against this dangerous medical condition and the best we can do is boost the immunity tenfold and guard our insides from the attack of Corona virus!

More About Covid-19

Our Prime Minister is dedicated and aimed towards dealing effectively with the COVID-19 battle that has attacked India and the whole world. The Ministry of ayurveda, yoga & naturopathy, Unani, Siddha and Homeopathy or AYUSH claims that the corona virus infections can be beaten only by taking preventive steps. You need to boost your immunity so that you stay unaffected because the virus seems to be here to stay!

The recently discovered corona virus has caused a new respiratory disease called Covid-19 that began from Wuhan in China in 2019 December, and ended up killing millions of people all over the world, hence its name “Covid 19”. The disease is highly contagious and the only way to fight against is to build a super strong immune system to fight the onslaught of infections. You can try out the useful Ayurvedic herbs for corona virus treatment that are available in nature.

Is COVID-19 Infectious?

COVID-19 is a highly infectious disease that spreads quickly from one to the other after contact with droplets transmitted through sneezes, nasal discharge or spit of a person who is a carrier of the virus. The contact can be of two types:

  1. Direct contact: In which the person comes extremely close or within one metre distance of an infected person
  2. Indirect contact: Sometimes surfaces, cloths or other areas get infected by the virus laden droplets and when another person comes and touches the same to their eyes, mouth or nose, they in turn get infected by the germs and fall sick. These microorganisms can lie on the surface for days so it is better to be careful and keep your hands to yourself!

People who are working together in a health care centre, hospice, workplace area or community need to be especially careful because the virus transmits itself, even in the incubation period or through an asymptomatic person. You need to protect yourself and not get affected by it by increasing your immunity with help of ayurvedic formulations for coronavirus.

The virus is all around us and you have to be aware. You may be caught unawares anytime so you need to spend some extra minutes cleaning, sanitizing to stay free of the infestation. This is the best way to stay safe!

AYUSH also recommends trying out herbal medications that are prepared out of the goodness of nature. One such medicine is the ayush Kwath tablet by www.shuddhi.com that helps to increase the immunity levels against the deadly corona virus. According to the MedicalDialogues- the daily dose of health & medical news, AYUSH recommends understanding the ayush kwath benefits.

People Who Need To Be Extra Careful

Talking about it, corona virus is a threat to mankind but there are some of us who fall in the “high risk” category and need to be extra careful. They are:

  • Older people
  • Diabetics
  • Hypertension patients
  • Cardiovascular patients
  • People who suffer from other conditions such as asthma or bronchitis
  • People with autoimmune conditions
  • People suffering from some previous underlying medical condition
  • Any kind of malignancy or cancer

People, who are medically compromised because of some disease or the other, need to be extra careful because they can develop this serious illness easily. Their immune systems are compromised and they fall a prey to the attack of microorganisms easily.

COVID-19 virus also gets transmitted from a person who shows no symptoms of the disease and this is termed as asymptomatic transmission of COVID-19. Just like a middle man transports the goods to the destination after picking it up from the source similarly the virus travels from one to the other and sometimes spares the “Middle man”.


Symptoms of Covid-19

Many people who suffer from this virus complain of mild to moderate symptoms of respiratory conditions that can be dealt with without any special therapy.

In General Common Symptoms Are:

  1. Dry cough
  2. Irritation in throat
  3. Exhaustion and tiredness
  4. Fever

Other Symptoms Seen:

  1. Soreness of throat
  2. Pains and aches in the body
  3. Headache
  4. Diarrhea
  5. Conjunctivitis / redness and irritation in eyes
  6. Discoloration on fingers toes
  7. Loss of smell
  8. Loss of taste
  9. Rashes

Rush To The Doctor If You Experience:

  1. High uncontrollable fever
  2. Shortness of breath
  3. Difficulty breathing
  4. Chest pressure or chest pain
  5. Loss of movement
  6. Loss of speech

Serious symptoms need immediate attention but in case the symptoms are mild then try to manage them at home. The infectious symptoms may start showing up in about 5-6 days but some people have taken almost 14 days to show the symptoms of the disease. Only one out of the five infected people develop breathing difficulty says statistics, but it is scary all the same.

Why wait for the chest pressure and high fever leave your body helpless? Why not Ayush Kwath buy online and increase your immunity to prevent the disease from manifesting in your body? COVID-19 cannot be taken lightly because it can render people seriously sick and ill. The virus is very infective and tricky and often people mistake it for common cold with a runny nose and sore throat. The wait is on and you may have to wait from 3-14 days to understand if it has entered your body. So beware and be careful!

What Happens Once Corona Virus Enters Your Body?

During the incubation period the corona virus rapidly multiplies in the blood stream and keeps altering the other cells in body. Your immune system produces antibodies by the dozen to ward off the attack and stop the infection from spreading in the body but the number of corona virus are much more. It’s only when we increase our immunity that the antibodies will be able to ward off this attack. This is the only way to deal with the respiratory symptoms and in worst cases the renal failure.

Protection Against Corona Virus:

  • Slowing down the transmission and preventing the virus from spreading seems to be the only way out.
  • Build your immunity with ayurveda and make your insides stronger.
  • You can protect yourself from regularly washing your hands with soap and sanitizing them with an alcohol based sanitizer periodically.
  • Change your compulsive habit of touching your face and hair, keep your hands away from your lips and nose.
  • You also need to protect yourself and boost your immunity by taking Ayurvedic medicines like Ayush Kwath by www.shuddhi.com which contains 4 medicinal Ayurvedic herbs that work on the immunity of the body with their anti microbial action and infection fighting capability.

Ayush Kwath:

This Ayurvedic remedy contains:

  1. Basil or tulsi,
  2. Anti-bacterial ginger or sunthi,
  3. Dalchini or cinnamon, and Kali mirch or black pepper that have anti-oxidant properties and immune boosting capability.

A combination of these herbs in the right quantity makes sure that they keep other viral and bacterial infections at bay.

“Anti-corona” things you should try to do each day:

  1. Boil drinking water and take water infused by Amrit Ras by Shuddhi.com so that your immunity is increased further, metabolic functioning improves and your mind, body and soul stays balanced.
  2. Follow a strict personal hygiene routine.
  3. Maintain a two metre or at least 3 feet distance from others
  4. Fold your hands in greeting. Avoid close contact such as hugging holding etc
  5. Never venture out in public without sanitizer and mask
  6. Stay away from people suffering from common cold
  7. Sip herbal teas if you are in AC rooms
  8. Lemon, honey ginger water has anti inflammatory properties because it contains anti-oxidants that are healthy for the body.
  9. Take the Ayush Kwath tablet by www.shuddhi.com twice a day as mentioned on the label of the bottle.
  10. Stay healthy and happy always because all these products will also help detoxify the body and keep it away from free radicals.

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