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Ayurveda Treatment For Spine Problems

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Ayurveda Treatment For Spine Problems

The structure of the spine and the location of the back usually cause a lot of back problems and confusion for professionals and patients regularly. In most cases, patients with back problems are confused about what is where and how the symptoms relate to the problems.

Before we continue, it is very important to note that not all back problems are associated with the spine at all times.

What Are Spine Problems?

Simply put, spine problems are those problems associated with the spinal cord. These are all different forms of serious problems that are likely to have a lasting impact on the individual’s daily life. The spinal cord is a combination of nerves and other important body tissues that the vertebrae protect. The vertebrae are the stack of bones that contains and protects the spine.

Symptoms Associated With Spine Problems

Some of the common symptoms of spinal cord problems include

  • Inability to move the arms and legs
  • Consistent headache
  • Loss of consciousness or awareness
  • Signs of sharp shocks
  • Unnatural positioning of the head
  • Pain and pressure that results in stiffness in the back of the neck
  • Problem with walking and posture

Causes Of Spine Problems

Spine problems often develop from an unpredicted accident or other forms of violent incidence. Here are some of the causes of spine problems

  • Violent attacks like stabbing or gunshot to the vertebrae
  • Trauma from car accidents specific to the head, neck, chest or back area
  • Falling from a significant height
  • Electrical accident
  • Severe twisting activities of the midsection of the individual

Complications Of Spine Problems

If spine problems are not treated in the long run, they may develop into several unwanted complications that may last the whole lifetime. In most cases, people with spine problems may need assistive devices such as wheelchairs or walkers due to loss of mobility.

In others, it might lead to the paralysis from the neck region downwards. In other cases, assistance in carrying out daily activities for different tasks are needed. Also, the ability to carry out personal function could be a loss.

Spinal problems also cause different tract infections to arise.

Prevention Of Spine Problems

Since spine problems and associated injuries might be due to some unpredictable events, here are some practical measures for reducing the risks of developing spine problems

  • Wear seatbelt while driving
  • Wear protective gears in extreme sports
  • Wear protective gears while on motorcycles
  • Reduce risks for extreme activities like jumping from high areas

Ayurveda Treatment For Spine Problems

According to Ayurveda, spinal problems are caused by an imbalance in Vata, Pitta and Kaphadoshas. Majority of these problems needs immediate surgery solution for improvement in movement. Ayurveda offers an alternative to the treatment without the need for surgical intervention.

The restoration of the balance in Vata, Pitta and KaphadoshasIs believed to restore spinal order. The prescribed treatment types are effective natural treatment from natural herbs that are capable of restoring the harmony of your body. 

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