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Ayurveda Treatment For Epilepsy

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Ayurveda Treatment For Epilepsy


What Is Epilepsy

Epilepsy is disorder associated with the neurological system of the body. In this situation, the brain activity becomes abnormal. This leads to a period of unusual behaviour in the individual. Seizures, sensation and other types of manifestation are observed. This is also accompanied by the loss of awareness.

Irrespective of the race or sex, epilepsy can be developed by both males and females from all races and across all race.

Symptoms Of Epilepsy

There are some common symptoms associated with epilepsy episodes. This can vary in different people due to some factors. During the epilepsy sessions, some people just stare blankly for a few seconds while others twitch their arms and leg for some few seconds.

Sometimes, having a single seizure experience or episode does not necessarily point to the fact that the individual has epilepsy. Due to its condition has to be an abnormal brain activity, here are other common symptoms that can be noticed

  • Loss of consciousness
  • Psychic symptoms like fear and anxiety
  • Temporary confusion
  • Staring spell for some few seconds

The manifesting symptoms vary depending on the type of seizure. In different individuals with epilepsy, the occurrence is unique to individuals for the different episodes being experienced.

Causes Of Epilepsy

Epilepsy has not been attributed to one definite causes. There are, however, some traceable causative factors that can be singled out as contributing factor to the development of epilepsy. These factors include

  • Genetic Influence: in some cases, epilepsy types that are due to the effect of some part of the brain is due to family genetic influence. There are more likely to specific gene composition that runs in the family. Certain gene makeup is extra sensitive to the environment. Hence, triggering an array of seizures.
  • Trauma To The Head: Accidents or other unfortunate occurrences that result in head trauma could cause epilepsy
  • Infectious Diseases: aids, encephalitis, meningitis and other infectious diseases can cause epilepsy.

Complications Of Epilepsy

In some situations, having a seizure might become dangerous to individuals and others. Here are some complications that may arise if epilepsy is not effective treated

  • Car Accident: a seizure might occur while driving which may lead to loss of control and awareness. This could result in a car crash and loss of life
  • Pregnancy Complications: seizure during pregnancy is very dangerous for both the mother and the child. If there are cases of seizures already happening, it is important the individual talks to the doctor before pregnancy occurs.

Other known complications include

  • Falling
  • Drowning
  • Emotional health issues
  • Unexpected death due to epilepsy causes

Ayurveda Treatment For Epilepsy

Ayurveda categorizes epilepsy into a different section. This depends on the particular dosha of the individual. Seizures are classified as pittaj, vataj, kaphaj and sannipatik under Ayurveda. Ayurveda treatment for these different types are different and are treated accordingly.

One of the main objective of Ayurveda while treating epilepsy is to strengthen the brain and return the nervous system to its proper function. With natural herbal medicines with tonic effect, Ayurveda emphasizes some treatment steps alongside with prescribed natural herbal drugs for effective cure.

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