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How Ayurveda Treatment Effective For Anxiety?

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In this whole universe, nobody likes the feeling of fear and anxiety. Though if you want to stay away from it, use Ayurveda treatment for anxiety. Ayurveda treatment for anxiety will help you strengthen the nervous system function and prevent anxiousness or fear. Moreover, a tinge of anxiety affects your daily productivity, but increasing too much will directly affect your health. In the conventional medicine system, the fear or stress is treated with chemical-based medicine, the overuse which can affect your vital organ.

As per Ayurveda, anxiety occurs due to the aggravation of imbalance in the Vata dosha of the body. To get rid of these severe health issues, you need to make a balance in dosha first.

What are the causes which imbalance the dosha?

There are various lifestyle-based factors, which can affect the Vata dosha balance in the body, but if you choose Ayurveda treatment for anxiety. It will help in balancing Vata dosha and give you relief from tension.

  1. Hectic Schedule
  2. Unhealthy diet intake
  3. Sleeping late at night
  4. Cold environment
  5. Overburden of work
  6. Emotional problems

Now we will discuss the Anxiety in Ayurveda’s point of view. According to Ayurveda, the human mind is controlled or regulated by three energies named, Satva, Rajas, and Tamas.


Satva is a positive energy of your body, which will not cause any harm to your health.

Rajas And Tamas:

Rajas and tamas are the compassionate energy of your body. If they both get triggered by some situations, that will cause anxiety and stress. Both energies affect the function of the nervous system and imbalance the Vata dosha.

When there are rajas and tamas energy in your body, it affects mental functions or doshas. A list of twelve doshas can occur due to increased rajas and tamas energy in the body.

  • Kama (lust)
  • Krodha ( anger)
  • Lobha (greed)
  • Moha ( attachment)
  • Irshiya ( Jealous)
  • Mada ( delusion)
  • Shoka ( grief)
  • Maan (ego)
  • Chinta ( tension)
  • Udweg (Anxiety)
  • Bhaya (phobia)
  • Harsha (euphoria)

Maybe this question is still in your mind, why did anxiety happen?

The human body is made up of complex systems, and the brain controls the functions of that whole system. Therefore the brain communicates with all parts of the body through a network of nerves for its survival. And there is one thing that you must know the brain does not store any nutrients, and for its functioning, it needs continuous nutrients.
If something goes wrong with the body, and the brain doesn’t get sufficient nutrients, it will affect the brain’s nervous system function.

Unfortunately, in this hectic time, your body is exposed to pollution, an unhealthy environment, an unhealthy diet, it will put in stress. And you know that stress causes various chronic health illnesses, such as depression, anxiety, diabetes, hypertension, heart diseases, stroke, Multiple sclerosis, weak immunity, and autoimmune diseases. It can also cause various skin diseases( acne, rashes), Digestive system-related disorders, and cause insomnia, and parkinsonism disease. But Ayurvedic treatment for anxiety will help you to pull out from getting these all healed issues.

Ayurvedic Remedies or Ayurveda Treatment For Anxiety:

Some essential Ayurvedic remedies can relieve you from stress.


Your body needs detoxification to flush out the harmful toxins. Hence that will help in keeping the balance of Vata dosha. In this process, different Ayurvedic techniques are followed to remove the toxins.

Healthy Lifestyle:

A healthy lifestyle will save you from getting into trouble due to stress. There are some Do’s and Don’ts that will help protect stress, anxiety, and other chronic health problems.


  • Make a habit of doing a daily morning walk.
  • It is essential to do yoga, meditation, and pranayama every day to stay healthy.
  • Take proper rest and sleep to relax your body completely.
  • Always eat fresh and light food. Make a positive interaction with your loved one.


  • Have junk and oily food.
  • Have unhealthy food that affects the Vata dosha, such as urad dal, rajma, and chana.
  • The habit of waking late at night
  • Desire to have so many material things.
  • Constipation.

Natural Ayurvedic Herbs:

In Ayurvedic treatment for anxiety, numerous useful natural herbs relieve stress and anxiety.


Ashwagandha is a useful excellent natural herb that can help you relieve stress anxiety, and it can also help eliminate the problem of insomnia. However, it helps in digestion improvement and assists in completing the nutritional demand of the brain.


Brahami is a crucial ingredient in Ayurvedic treatment for anxiety. It reduces the production of fear and stress-causing hormone(cortisol).

Peepal leaves:

It helps in reducing anxiety. Furthermore, it purifies your blood and improves your sleep.

Ayurvedic treatment for anxiety also includes other natural herbs such as shankhpushpi, Yashtimadhu, Vacha, Jatamansi, Punarnava, Arjuna, Vat, Draksha, Amla, Harad, and Behda. Shuddhi Ayurveda introduced an Ayurvedic Nervous system care pack to pull you out from getting stress or anxiety. It is one of the suitable Ayurvedic treatments for anxiety. Suppose if your problem is severe, you can visit the Shuddhi clinic near your area. At present, Shuddhi Ayurveda has opened 150 clinics in PAN India, where an expert Ayurveda doctor will give health counseling after your physical examination( Jeebh or Nadi Parikshan). However, you can also get useful free health advice from an ayurvedic expert through direct call. For more information, visit www.shuddhi.com.

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