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Ayurveda For Fighting Allergies

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Ayurveda For Healthier Children
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Ayurveda For Fighting Allergies

A healthy and happy life is very desirable. Good health reflects in everything we do. It promotes positivity and productivity, and it is essential to maintain a balanced state of mind. However there are certain barriers to achieving a happy life through good health. Some of these barriers come in the form of allergies.

Allergies limit our potential and can stand in the way of attaining certain desires. Allergies can be to food, environments or natural elements. The range at which they can exist can cause frustrating limits in our everyday lives. In Ayurveda, allergies are believed to be birthed from an imbalance in our dosha. This imbalance causes the presence of toxins that are detrimental to our well-being.

Ayurveda attributes allergies to weak agni, toxic undigested food and doshi imbalance amongst other things. There are a range of Ayurvedic diets and therapies that can be observed to battle allergies. These practices vary and can address different kinds of allergies such as weather allergies and food allergies.


  • Use Oils: In the case of running noses, the use of oils can be employed. Sesame oil can be used to moisten a small material in the form of a cloth or wool. The material should then be inserted into both nostrils. The oil can also be used with other substances such as eucalyptus.
  • Consume Ginger: Ginger boasts of several health benefits and one of them is in the treatment of allergies. Ginger is helpful in containing colds and aiding digestion. It can be consumed as tea, it can be used for baths, and it can be inhaled. Ginger also contains gingerol, the medicinal properties of this substance can treat any complications that allergies may bring.
  • Consume Triphala: Triphala rids the body of toxins and hence helps in maintaining good health in the presence of allergy causing factors.  They can be taken in tablets, and they ease the digestion process in the body.
  • Practice Panchakarma: Panchakarma is a general cleansing of the body. It rids the body of toxic substances that have been contacted from several sources. These toxins can be induced by the sources of allergies, and in turn cause sickness. So in performing panchakarma, the toxins are mitigated and good health is ensured.  

Apart from Ayurvedic meditation and therapy, a healthy lifestyle is also helpful in countering the effects of allergies. General healthy practices such as exercising and good sleep are required. These practices will improve overall health and raise energy levels. It is also important to practice pranayama, as breathing exercises improve mental health. Falling sick can lower morale, so it is important to practice breathing to stay focused and healthy.

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