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Fluid in the peritoneol

Ascites is building up of fluid in the peritoneal cavity in the abdomen. The cavity is supposed to have asmall part of the fluid, although this varies with ladies based on an individual’s menstrual cycle.

Ascites is the term used to describe an intensification of fluid,which is an abnormal situation.It only occurs when there is an accumulation of fluid in the abdomen.The collection occurs in the middle of the two membranes that make peritoneum.

Symptoms of Ascites

The fluid pressure causes a lot of distress.Symptoms of ascites include;

  • Abnormal fatigue,
  • Swellings on the abdomen,
  • Unusual weight gain, the patientfeels stomach fullness always
  • Shortness of breath,
  • Development of herrmohoids which cause painful inflammation on the anus,
  • An individual tends to become less hungry than usual,
  • An individual develops difficulty in moving and even sitting.

Causes of ascites

Many diseases can cause ascites, they include;

  • Tuberculosis,
  • Kidneydiseases,
  • Pancreases disorder
  • Underactive thyroid.

However, the major causes of ascites are as a result of:

  • Liver diseases such as liver cirrhosis caused by alcohol,
  • Acute liver failure in case of serious injury on the cells of the liver,
  • Cancer that has advanced and has spread to the liver, 
  • Heartfailure.

Ayurvedic treatment for ascites

Guggul capsules

Guggul is an excellent herbal extract. It is taken by Ascites patients who have underlying inflammatory like abdominal infections. It improves the disease symptoms and also helps in improving the patient’s average ability to deal with the condition.

Punarnava capsules

Punarnava is an ayurvedic medicinal herb which is very helpful, especially on water retention in the body. It helps patients with ascites to eliminate any excess fluid in the abdominal cavity through urinating.  The capsules aid in providing symptomatic relief and as a herbal supplement too.

Vara churna

Vara churna is recommended on the management for Ascites. It is among the better options since it works magic on the bowel movement as well as the abdominal secretions

Yakrit Plihantak Churna

This medicinal herb is given to Ascites patient for stimulating the liver metabolism. It also works wonders in slowing down the accumulation of fluid in the peritoneal cavity. It is a beautiful herbal mixture that helps to relieve the hepatic causes, which might result in secondary ascites.

Shilajit capsules

These capsules are very useful in managing the cases of ascites naturally. They are rich in antioxidants, which helps to improve the condition of the patient. Loads of minerals and vitamins in shilajit are beneficial in slowing down the accumulation of fluid in the abdomen. Shilajitdeals with primary diseases that commonly cause ascites. In primary Ascites, Shilajit helps to cleanse the channels of circulation. This improves the water retention issues in the body.

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