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Angina pectoris

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Angina pectoris

Angina pectoris refers to the chest pain that occurs when the heart doesn’t get enough or gets reduced blood and oxygen flow. Lack of oxygen means that your heart muscles don’t get enough energy to pump the blood – this is known as angina. Both physical and emotional stress causes pain in most cases. Angina is a symptom of coronary heart disease. However, there are other causes of angina pectoris

 Causes angina pectoris

It occurs when the myocardium (heart muscle) doesn’t get sufficient oxygen and blood. Luck of enough oxygen is also known as ischemia. The other cause of angina is due to coronary heart disease. Itoccurs when thearteries become blocked and are narrowed. This can happen if:

  • There is a blood clot
  • Atherosclerosis
  • Rapture of the artery
  • Spasms in the coronary artery
  • Weak heart valves 

Types of angina pectoris

 Micro-vascular angina. 

Formerly knownas syndrome x. The pain is caused by malfunction of blood vessels that go the heart, legs and arms. It’s common in women

Variant angina pectoris.

 It’s also known asprinzmetal’s angina it usually occurs at night mostly from midnight on words. It caused by spasms in the artery. It’s rare, happens during rest, excruciating and mainly affects women

Herbal ayurvedic remedies for angina pectoris

Ayurveda offers the best combination of herbal remedies that are an effective treatment of angina pectoris. These ayurvedic remedies are mixed by using thebest herbs that also principles of Ayurveda. These remedies are pure and natural, no added preservative and addictives. They are freefrom harmful side effects.  Angina pectoris is treated by ayurvedic remedies Vata and diet treatmentremedies’ are used to treat and prevent angina pectoris.

Arjuna capsules

Arjuna is a natural herbal supplement to treat angina pectoris. Arjunacapsule is used prepared from Arjun tree bark that has natural alkaloids. They are very valuable in treating angina. Its mode of action is clearing blocked of arteries.

 Arjuna tea

 It’s herbal tea with a delicious in flavour, with a soothing in the aroma. It lowers the stress levels and helps in relaxation of the mind.

Total heart support

It’s a supplement that’s natural fora healthy heart. It lowers the cholesterol level and keeps normal blood pressures. It gives the best results in ayurvedic treatmentremedies.   The natural herbs include

  • Root (dry ginger) is given to alleviate pain in the heart.  Some of the specificingredientsused against angina pectoris include.
  • Shringaputa (deer horn ash,)   combined with ghrita (ghee or clarified butter)
  • Baladyamghritam,
  • Arjuna bark , mixed with honey or milk
  • Bala plant (country mallow), mixed with honey or milk
  • Arjuna ghritam.

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