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This is considered the fire of the body system. It is involving all the properties which are assisting the body to gain maximum utilization of food materials which are consumed in the body according to ayurvedic doctrines. It is not only crucial in the digestion of the food materials but is also equally supporting the absorption of the digested materials as well as assimilation. This is thus giving it its overall metabolic benefits to the body.

There are so many food materials which we consume on a daily basis and we expect to gain the best from such food materials. This is only possible if the food material is digested, absorbed and assimilated in the body. To begin with, the body needs to extract all the beneficial components of the food materials which are consumed in order to operate optimally and attain good health. This is implying that the consumed food should also be having the food components in a bio-available form in order to be released into the body.

The benefits of healthy agni

There are several benefits which are accruing from the possession of healthy agni in the body according to ayurveda. Some of the benefits include the sound sleep. Provided one is able to digest the food materials they consume perfectly, there is also the advantage of having great sleep health and pattern. Since digestion starts in the mouth, there will further be clean tongue and great breath by the person having healthy agni.

Good taste

Provided there is better health of the agni in the body, one will develop better taste of the food materials they consume. Digestion will also be improved and metabolism alike will reach the optimal

levels. There are people who normally complain of bad taste or lack of taste at all. Such may be products of unbalanced agni.

Boosted digestion

With the balanced levels of agni in the body, ayurveda dictates that there will be optimal digestion of the food materials. Even those food materials which are normally difficult to digest will experience better digestion, absorption and assimilation into the body system.

Stable and healthy weight

When agni in the body is supporting digestion then one may better control the amount and type of food they consume. Further, enhanced metabolism will lead to optimal utilization of the excess calories in the body for energy generation. The end result is therefore better muscles development and weight balancing with not overweight scenarios.

Improvement of energy and calmness of mind

The energy in the body normally comes from the food materials consumed. With better digestion occasioned by better levels of agni in the system, one will maximize the use of energy generated and gain calmed mind. Cheerfulness is also attainable, love of life as well as natural longevity of lifespan.

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