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A look at Pregnancy tumors

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A look at Pregnancy tumors

ayurveda in pregnancy

A look at the causes and treatments of pregnancy tumors

Pregnancy is an exciting and joyous time. However, for some women it can be quite stressful. There is tiredness, and then you need to take all other precautions to insure the health of the baby. Pregnant women are subject to other conditions also. About 50% of all pregnant women have a risk of what is called pregnancy gingivitis. Another fairly large portion comes down with pregnancy tumors.

Pregnancy tumors are large lumps with red markings on them. They form along the inflamed gum tissue and can make life quite uncomfortable. These lumps can also glisten, harden and crust over. When this happen eating and even speaking can become difficult. These tumors can happen at any time during a pregnancy. However they are quite typical in the second trimester.

The term pregnancy tumor frightens many women. However it shouldn’t. These are not cancerous at all and won’t spread. They occur because of a reaction to food particles, plaque and bacteria.

Most pregnancy tumors disappear after the baby is born. However if the become too painful where eating is a real problem then there are treatments. In extreme cases they can be removed but in the overwhelming majority of these situations the tumors grow back.

Pregnancy tumors are avoidable to a certain extent. They best way to reduce the risks is to maintain good oral hygiene and keep a good health regime. You should brush your teeth at least twice a day and floss. This keeps the bacteria count in your mouth low. It also helps to remove the food particles that can cause these tumors to flair up. Brushing and flossing regularly also has other benefits, most notably to help reduce tooth decay.

Using an antimicrobial mouth rinse can also help reduce the chances of pregnancy tumors. Mouth rinses help in two ways. First they help to disinfect the teeth and gums. Keeping, plaque, bacteria and food particles low keeps the chances of these tumors popping up low. Mouth rinses also offer the added advantage of getting in where brushing and flossing cant. They are particularly helpful along the gum line where these tumors tend to grow.

Eating foods rich in vitamin C can also help to reduce chances of pregnancy tumors. Foods such as oranges, mangoes, kiwis, and lemons can work wonders. These foods contain natural acids that help to clean the teeth. These acids also help to fight bacteria that can lead to plaque build up. Eating these foods helps keep all of this away and keeps the pregnancy tumors at bay. There are also noted health benefits to eating foods rich in vitamin C.

Getting some sun can actually help both pregnancy gingivitis and pregnancy tumors. The sun is the best source of vitamin D. this vitamin helps promote tissue growth. About 15-20 minutes of sun per day is recommended. If your not one for the outdoors you can get plenty of vitamin D by eating cheese and drinking milk.

Eating Cranberries can also be highly effective in stopping pregnancy tumors. Cranberries create a substance that makes bacteria slide off of the teeth in a sense. Keeping the bacteria away keeps the chances of pregnancy tumors down. If eating cranberries isn’t something you exactly relish than some of the juices are okay. Just make sure you use a concentrate as others have added sugar and will do more harm than good.

Tea tree oil is another natural substance that could help with pregnancy tumors. This has very strong anti bacterial and antibiotic properties. By putting a few drops on your tooth brush your be getting rid of the bacteria and plaque that causes these tumors to happen. You will also be using a natural substance that won’t harm your body or the planet.

The wonder herb Echinacea could also help keep the pregnancy tumors down. Like tea tree oil it has anti biotic and anti bacterial properties. It can also help with toothaches, and fight off colds if taken in time. Echinacea was used by the Native Americans for its healing powers for centuries.

Pregnancy can be a wonderful time in a woman’s life. The excitement continues to grow with every passing day until the birth of the child. Pregnancy can also bring some hassles and be very stressful. Pregnancy gingivitis and pregnancy tumors can quickly turn what is supposed to be the most exciting time in your life to absolute misery. If they get bad enough eating and even talking can be difficult. Pregnancy tumors can be treated. Your doctor or dentists can prescribe medicine to shrink or sooth them. In extreme cases they can be removed. The best treatment is prevention. Maintaining good health and oral hygiene is the best way to keep the pregnancy tumors away. Brushing, flossing, rinsing, eating healthy and exercising will help keep the mouth tumor free.

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